Okay, so I can totally understand why these things never last…

I thought I would be able to update this blog at least once every 2 weeks or so. Was I wrong! This last MONTH went by so quick, wow. I had another anatomy exam, lecture & lab. We started out cadaver labs, Intro to OT finished (I got an A!), and physiology class has started!

I can’t believe how much has happened this past month. I FINALLY got out of those awful dorms, and into my own apartment. The idea of dorming was starting to excite me before I actually got there; once I was there I saw how horrible it was. The room was smelly, and full of bugs. Like no joke, FULL of bugs. I was killing bugs left and right. The TINY windows had these half ripped screens on them where the bugs would just come through day and night. One night I even had to sleep at a hotel to escape them, it was so awful and I felt so uncomfortable. After that night I knew I was not going to spend the next 3 years of OT school in this god-awful dorm room. I moved into an apartment a week later! It’s been so much better. The worst part of this month actually happened just a couple of days ago- we had to put our amazing dog of 17 years down (yes, he was 17 years old) . It was the most awful experience. He was the love of my life and meant everything to me. It’s definitely a different feel in my house, but I will never forget how much joy and love he gave to me since I was 6 years old (I’m almost 24).

In terms of school, I’m doing so great, and LOVING it! Yes, anatomy is torture, and it’s boring and I find myself hating the fact that I need to know half of this stuff for the purpose of passing the test/class, and won’t need to actually use 90% of the information in the actual real-world. However, it’s so great to just be in OT school, I’ve waited SO long for this. I’m definitely giving it my all, and it shows through my participation.  So far, I’ve gotten an A in intro to OT, and I’m currently averaging an A in anatomy! Physiology just started this week so we’ll see how that goes!

I feel like I’ve been putting a lot more effort into my studies than some of my friends in the program. They say things like, “ill start studying this weekend”, and I just cry inside! HOW can you start studying a week before the test?! I’ve been studying every single day just because there is a TON of info, and it’s unrealistic to think you’ll get all of that info in just a week and do well on the tests. Those people, though, haven’t been doing well on the tests, and I’ve been doing significantly better than most of my cohort. I don’t want to sound cocky or conceited, because I have worked harder than I ever have for these grades, and I’m proud of them. I just think in general, it’s silly to think that you can get away with procrastinating, or not studying until the last minute, and still expect to pass.

So all in all, this past month has been pretty good. I’m definitely more excited for this fall semester to start already, to be able to have classes literally pertaining to OT besides just intro. This fall will consist of:

  1. models of practice in OT- where we will learn different theories of interventions and things like that for each population/setting
  2. childhood development
  3. adult development/geriatrics
  4. psychosocial development ( this will be our FW 1 class!)
  5. kinesiology (not so excited for this one)

    So this fall will be pretty tough, time-wise, but these classes are going to be much more interesting, and I cannot wait!

I definitely promise myself that I am going to be updating this more, it’s pretty therapeutic for myself, as well!



















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