1st Anatomy exam

Wow okay so I’m in the middle of studying for my first anatomy exam (after only 3 weeks!) and out of nowhere I realize I haven’t blogged since my first week! I totally understand now how so many of these blogs out there stop so quickly!

The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic, but also really great! Living in the dorm SUCKS. I started looking for an apartment and THANK HEAVENS I found one! Right down the block from my school too! Today is Monday, and I move into my apartment on Saturday. I cannot wait to be out of this dump of a dorm. There are bugs, it smells, and my suitemate BLASTS music all hours of the day and middle of the night. It’s hell.

As far as school goes, I’ve been staying on top of everything (for the most part), and studying pretty much all day everyday. My first anatomy test is this Friday and I hope I’m prepared enough! Taking online quizzes and rereading my notes has definitely helped my understanding of things. The test covers 7 chapters (two of which we covered in lab and will be tested on). We’ve gotten through the entire skeletal system and that’s the most interesting part to me.

Next Friday….we go to the….cadaver lab for the first time! I’m completely dreading going there for the rest of the semester. I feel like I’m going to either pass out or throw up. I definitely do NOT want to be in there. I’ll definitely post and update after next week’s class and how the first cadaver lab went. Ugh.