First Week of OT School- DONE!

WOW! So, my first “week” of OT school is over, and I survived! For some reason, my school started the summer semester on a Wednesday, and my first class was on Friday. I had anatomy lecture, then lab. We discussed the basics of terminology, planes, movements, and the body cavities. In lab, we went through half of the axial skeletal system and used group work with skull models (pretty cool). We don’t go into the cadaver lob until the end of June, and I am not looking forward to that!

There were quite a few things in lecture/lab I was already familiar with THANKFULLY from two classes in high school. I was in the EMT/ MED tech program as my electives and we covered basically everything we’re doing the next few weeks, so I feel super ahead…for now.

Skip to today (Tuesday), and I had Intro to OT, all day. Honestly, learning about the history of the profession should probably interest me more, right? Well it was a little drab. It is great to know where we came from, and learn about the direction we’re going, but I was never a fan of a history lesson. This class will be much better once we start getting into more things like learning about occupation and practice, and the framework.

So now I have two days to catch up on reviewing all of my notes, power points, and readings. This Friday in anatomy, we finish the axial system in lab, and in lecture we will cover arguably the most boring chapter in the whole curriculum- cells.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to get the hang of studying and preparing before class, and reviewing after class. I don’t feel like I’m behind yet, so I’d say that’s a successful first week!

I’m also beginning to see how tiring grad school is going to be. Traveling back home every weekend (hopefully), staying dedicating to going to the gym, and studying as much as possible is already making me tired! No complaints though, I’d rather be tired after driving 2 hours from home to my dorm at 630AM traffic, all day of class, and more studying after…than being at home having nothing to do. I’ve been wanting this for so long, and even though it’s really hard being away from home, I’m sure I’ll get used to it.



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