So the last 2 days was spent at orientation! Monday was an extremely long day. Waking up at 5:45 to get to orientation by 8:30am (yes, I live that far, luckily i’m dorming!). We met all our classmates (all 22 of us), and all of the great professors. They talked to us about the brand new curriculum that we’ll be the first class taking, and about fieldwork. A few 2nd year students came in to talk to us and answer our many questions, especially involving anatomy! We also sat through a painfully long library lecture.

Tuesday, luckily, started at 2pm so I got to leave my house around 11:30 am. Our professors went home shortly after introducing us to the day’s outline. We met with campus security and learned how to get our IDs and parking passes. We had lunch and then started a CPR class altogether. yay for being able to save a life!

I still cannot believe that in just 7 days I’ll be moving into my dorm room and starting graduate school 2 days later. While sitting through some of the professors talking about what to expect from each of their own classes, I couldn’t stop smiling from excitement. It all sounded so cool! I might even be excited about the research classes!

My professors seem wonderful, and they all genuinely want us to learn and be great practitioners. I definitely want to take every opportunity to learn from each of them as I can. My school didn’t beat out NYU on the NBCOT exam this year for nothing!

I’m truly excited and honestly terrified to be starting this next chapter of my life. I have fears, as (hopefully) many others did in my position. What if I do great in the academics, but HORRIBLE at fieldwork? What if I discover that I am not actually GOOD at being an OT? Hopefully, as we learn techniques and theories and whatnot that I’ll feel less like I will be awful, haha.

I’m curious to see if my interests will either stay the same or change, in regards to a specialty field. Luckily, my school has 2 required L2FWs, and an option 3d L2FW for 8 weeks during the last summer. The optional FW is technically for a specialization, but if you’re still unsure, it’s just another way to get out into that field and learn more about it.

They say they “require” one L2 to be adult phys dis. and we get to choose the other 1 (or 2). Right now, I’m thinking I will like one other L2 to be in an elementary school, and the other L2 to be in some sort of neurorehab site. So, let’s see where I end up (in 2 and a half/3 years!).





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