So I’m totally new at this

I’ve never created a blog before, except Tumblr, but that’s totally different. It seems a little strange to be doing this, but I decided that I want to document my experience throughout graduate school as an Occupational Therapy student (yay!).

There’s hardly any current student blogs out there for OT, and the few that are, are great! shoutout to: for inspiring me to do this! I came across this blog while searching for students’ thoughts and advice on starting OT school. I quickly realized that not a lot of blog-type information is available. There’s which is great, but more of just a forum. I found myself having so many questions once I was (finally) accepted!

So, in hopes of keeping this blog active throughout my school career, I plan on documenting things about school as I go and try to give as much information as possible so that future almost-students will have a good grasp of what to expect during ot school.

I’m super nervous about starting in just 4 weeks! It feels like yesterday that I decided this is the career I wanted for myself. Switching colleges and majors (like 3 times) ultimately led me down this path. Years of volunteering, gathering LOR’s, and TONS of applications is finally worth all of the time and frustration. I am thrilled about starting this journey in a few short weeks. Although I’m not quite looking forward to the dorm life. My school is in-state, but too far to commute.

Anyway, I hope someone will read this, and I will continue to post as the start of the semester approaches!


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